Alcohol Detox at Home: Risks & Timeline How to Detox From Alcohol at Home

They can help assess your situation and determine if it’s safe for you to attempt a home detox, or if you would be better off in a supervised medical detox setting. At our treatment facility, you can get 24-hour care and access to addiction specialists who can handle your concerns anytime. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the struggles people experience during alcohol detox. Having a solid support system is one of the most natural methods to detox from alcohol. Surround yourself with family members and friends who are concerned about your future and ready to assist you in remaining motivated during this process. After all those nights spent in binge drinking sessions, it’s only fair to give your body a rest.

  • Detoxing at home is best avoided, as medical detox is safer, more effective and more comfortable.
  • If you choose to go through alcohol withdrawal at an inpatient treatment center, you will get round-the-clock care from a team of addiction specialists.
  • Severe alcohol withdrawal can involve withdrawal symptoms called delirium tremens (DTs), which can cause death without proper medical treatment.
  • There are also online options—such as Ria—who are able to provide cheaper long-term support.
  • Symptoms include fever, rapid heartbeat, severe agitation, and high blood pressure.

When your body becomes physically dependent on alcohol, you are at risk of alcohol withdrawal if you quit drinking suddenly. Alcohol withdrawal can be uncomfortable, dangerous and even fatal if not properly monitored by medical professionals, which is the safest way to detox from alcohol. 2  Due to this, alcohol detox at home isn’t advised because of the medical complications that can potentially arise.

How to Best Prepare for an Alcohol Detox at Home

Rehabs UK offer a variety of services including home detox for anyone who is looking for support and guidance during the detox process. By reaching out, you can access a wide range of services and resources that can help you successfully detox from alcohol and begin your journey to recovery. Regardless of the approach you take, it’s important to have a support system in place, such as friends and family who can offer encouragement and help during the detox process.

Outpatient detox includes regularly attending an alcohol rehab center throughout the detoxification process. When you undergo detox, it helps your body overcome withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms of withdrawal range from mild to severe, depending on factors such as how much alcohol you drank, how often you drank, and whether you have any co-occurring illnesses.


The challenge is then to define the characteristics of these respective groups. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), alcohol detox usually requires twenty-four-hour medical supervision. However, if you have a less severe form of addiction, you may be able to detox from alcohol at home as long as you have access to medical support. Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, can significantly impact your life and affect your physical health, relationships, and work. Tulip Hill Recovery provides a alcohol detox at home so you’re the most comfortable.

alcohol detox at home

Continue reading to learn more about the detox process, including why it’s necessary, what withdrawal is like, and how to approach it in the safest manner. We strive to make admission to Summit Malibu as simple and straightforward as possible. The rehab admission process can begin with a simple phone call to Summit Malibu, where our addiction treatment specialists are always available for confidential consultation. Drink plenty of water while detoxing, but also have sweet drinks to help deal with the possibility of hypoglycemia.


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